Tell me a little about yourself...

My name is Zoe Phillips. I am a lover of hot tea, an enthusiast of chocolate, and a freelance journalist. Originally from California, I am now in my final year of studies at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where I intend to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with minors in American culture and dance. At UM, I work as an arts writer, editor, and columnist with The Michigan Daily. 

I grew up studying the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and finished my Advanced 2 with Distinction in 2016. I twirled onstage at the Geneé International Ballet Competition before hanging up my pointe shoes in exchange for a pencil. Now, my love of dance remains at the heart of my written work and my first-hand experience as an artist informs my approach to all arts and culture stories. 



Writing, like dancing, is impossible to get right on the first try. Instead, it takes many hours of thinking, trying, and re-trying to get a result worth sharing. In my mind, it sort of feels like twirling. My words start as thoughts that twirl around in my head until they can pirouette their way onto the page. Once I've given them a few corrections and made sure their toes are pointed, I get to share them with you. Thank you for joining me! 

Why "twirls for thoughts?" 

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