Who's the twirler?

Short answer? I’m Zoe. I am a lover of hot tea, an enthusiast for Starbucks Refreshers, and a proud mother to Keith the stuffed unicorn. I am also a devotee of dance and a big fan of ballet.

What're the twirls?

On occasion, I take to my laptop’s keyboard to write. Sometimes its for a class, other times a publication, but more often than not it's simply the product of free time. If I'm particularly happy with the product, I upload it here. You, therefore, have stumbled upon my ramblings. Welcome! 

Anything else? 

If the above was a short answer, here is my long answer: I grew up studying the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and finished my Advanced 2 with Distinction in 2016. I twirled onstage at the Genée International Ballet Competition before bouréeing off to the University of Michigan. Go Blue!

Here in Ann Arbor, I double major in Communication and Spanish and minor in Dance. I’m a Senior Arts Editor for The Michigan Daily and I teach beginning ballet in nearby Chelsea.

I devote a lot of time to consuming art, particularly dance. I obsess over the ballet world the same way a tabloid magazine will keep tabs on the Kardashians. By nature of my nerd-dom, I know a lot about dance. That being said, anything I put on here is thoroughly researched. I do not believe in #AlternativeFacts, and if I cite anything that might not be common knowledge its reference can usually be found via a hyperlink in the post.

Join me!

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