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Well hello there!

We're so happy you're here. Please put your feet up, let your hair down, grab your favorite beverage (hot tea, anyone?), and let's begin. 



Who's the twirler? 

Short answer? I'm Zoe, and I'm the one in these photos. I grew up studying classical ballet in the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, where my love for ballet started. I finished my Advanced 2 in 2016 and twirled onstage at the Genée International Ballet Competition before bourréing off to college. Outside of the studio, I've spent many hours (and many years!) perusing various outlets of information in an ongoing attempt to quench my curiosity for the ever-diversifying world of ballet. One day, I decided I had too many thoughts twirling around in my head not to do anything about it. 


What're the twirls?

Thoughtful and analytical ballet commentary should not be considered esoteric, nor should it be left to the shrinking number of full time dance critics employed at magazines and newspapers across the world. With every post, I aim to make our twirls as accessible and easy-to-understand as any NFL postgame press conference. Talking points will often include dance history, ballet technique, performance commentary, and thoughts on our art form's growing significance in pop culture and social justice. 

I write for the ballet buff and the ballet beginner; ballet is a living, breathing art form that deserves and demands everybody's attention today. No matter your level of knowledge, our twirls are made better by your readership.